Best Revision Guides for GCSE Maths

Every year, approximately 1 million students are required to undertake GCSE exams. In these exams, Math is a core subject that every student in the UK must get tested alongside others like English and Science. GCSE Mathematics has been updated to a grade 9-1 model, constituting numerous formulas and facts that students need to familiarise before embarking on problem-solving. Although there is no perfect method in the revision of Mathematics, this article provides tips on the best revision guides for GCSE Mathematics.

Mathematics Resources for GCSE Exams

The GCSE Mathematics Curriculum is normally broken down into three major sections. These include Algebra & Number, Statistics & Probability, and Geometry and Measure. Students are recommended to be able to answer questions from each of the three sectors to be adequately prepared for the GCSE Mathematics exam. There are numerous online sites, such as GoConqr, offering online study resources that test your strengths in the refining of the Mathematics knowledge. Other resources that will come in handy in the preparation of the GCSE Mathematics Paper include:

Revision Cards

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These are cards that are free to use online. Sites like teachwire offer various revision flashcards that are separated into different grades. Teachwire even have Grade 1-9 cards that will ensure you get the best of the newly updated syllabus. Additionally, there are free sample packs that can be downloaded at any time. However, the physical cards have to be purchased.


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MisterMaths is a renowned site that has got numerous resources which have been set out in a simple yet effective manner. As such, a student will find each of the Mathematics topics separated into other subsections such as Algebra, shape, numbers and data handling.

Maths Made Easy

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Maths Made Easy offers online and printable Mathematics resources. For instance, you will find mock papers, algebra puzzles, and a resource that is dedicated to dealing with stress. This is unique yet effective.


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iRevise is a site that offers the users the privilege of picking an exam board and picking the topic. This platform offers free expert lessons that are aimed at jogging up your Mathematics memory. At the end of the day, the various users are able to tackle the tests efficiently.

GCSE Exams

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GCSE Exams is an app that is dedicated to offering comprehensive questions and notes. As such, this app covers various syllabuses across all exam boards such as OCR, EDEXCEL, AQA, WJEC, and CCEA. Additionally, students are able to cover high-quality content that has been published by experienced mathematicians in the UK. The app allows users to revise topic by topic and then there are mock tests that are aimed at testing the understanding of the topic. This ensures that you prepare fully for the GCSE Maths exam.


Most students in the UK have considered GCSE mathematics tests to be somehow hard, by using the above revision resources can make things relatively easy. It all requires dedicated practice, persistence, and good time management to succeed. With these values and revision materials, you are assured a better score in this subject.